Deep Blue C

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Deep Blue C: Community Lot Cybercafe

C is for coffee, at a reasonable fee. C is for computers, with Bluebyte™ technology. C is for Cafe, a cozy eatery. Caffienate, Consume, Compute, at Deep Blue C!


Deep Blue C is a Cybercafe, provided here in two variants. One is designed as an owned community lot, and the other is designed as an unowned lot. The differences


For the owned version, place in the neighborhood, purchase and run. In my neighborhood, I run it with the Owner, and two employees: A Janitor, and a Barista. Note that customers are pretty much never going to use the computers on their own. To that end, my solution has been to have the owner routinely start Gaming Competitions. These will engage many of the patrons on the lot, and are somewhat self-sustaining after the owner loses interest. Also, no matter who wins the Gaming Competition, the money goes into the owner's pockets.

The unowned variant has a few more amenities. The ticket machine is removed, and rather than a buffet table, a small restaurant is included. The bathrooms are more opulent, and an Endeavor Game Rack and Cash Register is included.


Deep Blue C requires Requires TS2, UNI, NL, OFB, PETS, SZNS, BV, FT as well as Family Fun Stuff, Celebration Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, Kitchen & Bath Stuff.

Useful Hacks

Business Runs You by J.M. Pescado at MATY
An allpurpose business-running hack. Requires several subordinate hacks to work properly, but these factories are designed to run indefinitely with its assistance
Fairly Paid Regulator, by Monique at Mod the Sims 2
This hacked Sign allows the player to automatically keep employees at the "Fairly Paid" rate. Useful if the player is training the employeees through crafting on-site.
Endless Buffet Patch by Inge Jones at Simlogical
Makes it so the buffet table is always full, and you never have to worry about cleaning and restocking it.


Because I am crazy, the Faustian Biotech Pet Fabrication Facility Requires all expansions through Seasons, as well as probably requiring Family Fun Stuff and Glamour Life Stuff packs.

Main Floor Upper Floor Roof
Owned Lot Foyer Owned Lot Coffee Shop Owned Lot Buffet
Employee Breakroom Owned Lot Bathroom Owned Lot Comp Deck L
Unowned Lot Foyer Unowned Lot Coffe Shop Unowned Lot Restaurant
Universal Night View Unowned Lot Bathroom Unowned Lot Comp Deck R

Download Deep Blue C Pack (deepbluec.zip, 1.92 MB, owned and unowned versions)