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Produce Warehouse: Free Produce Community Lot

So there's this warehouse, right? Filled with produce beyond your wildest dreams. All youse gots to do is get in, and you can grab produce in lots of 100 from dem fruitbowls. Just get it back to the rendezvous point, and the Don will consider your favor Paid in Full.

Do not keep him waiting. He is not a patient man.

The Produce Warehouse is a simple community lot intended to provide ridiculous amounts of free produce to your Sims, through the use of ten of J.M. Pescado's Fruitbowls of Awesomeness. Each contains 100 of one type of Juiceable Produce (One each for Apples, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Lemons, Oranges, Peppers, Pole Beans, Strawberries, Tomatoes, and Boots.)

To use this lot, place it in the neighborhood, and leave it unowned. Sims who wish to obtain produce without spending days growing it can visit the lot, and filch up to 100 of each type of Produce or Boots from the appropriate bowl. OFB's "Magisplay Tray" is used as a makeshift sign to remind the player which fruits are in which bowls. The bowl underneath the Boot Trophy contains the boots.

The lot also has Poker Tables, to prevent the neighborhood Sims from engaging in antisocial behavior while you're acquiring produce, and grocery racks, to obtain normal groceries.

Because I am crazy, The Produce Warehouse Requires all expansions through Seasons. It probably does not require any of the Stuff Packs.

Night View Warehouse Poker Room
Fruitbowls Groceries Poker Table

This Lot Contains a Hacked Object: J.M. Pescado's Fruitbowl of Awesomeness. If you wish to install the lot, I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND obtaining the hacked object at the above link BEFORE installing the lot.

Download Produce Warehouse (pwarehouse.zip, 0.6 MB)