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Zeitstall Laboratories: Free Cowplant Elixir Community Lot

Feel young again! Why spend your hard-earned Aspiration Points for Elixir of Life when you can get it straight from the source? Fear not for your Sims, our Cowplants are well-trained, and virtually guaranteed to not eat your Sims.

Zeitstall Laboratories is a fully-owned subsidiary of Faustian Biotech, LTD.

Zeitstall Laboratories is a community lot that provides free Cowplant elixir to the Sims in your neighborhood. Unlike Aspiration Reward Elixir of Life, Cowplant elixir works regardless of aspiration, can be used by children, and restores five days instead of three.

 To properly use Zeitstall Laboratories, place it in your neighborhood, and leave it unowned. Since Community Lots reset to their last saved state, there will be six milkable Cowplants whenever you send a Sim there. Sims will not gain a "Drank [Sim]" memory when milking cowplants.

Yes, the Cowplants will put out their cakes after being milked. This is a deliberate design decision. Cowplants will not eat Sims on Community Lots, but the bait will tend to summon the lot's visitors, unless you Feed the cowplant afterwards.

The lot also includes an Electronics Kiosk, a Bar, a couple Grocery shelves.

Due to the nature of the resets that occur after Expansion Installation, this lot will likely need to be re-stocked after you install a new expansion. I'll probably upload a new version, but if you can't wait, this is how I'd update the lot:

  • Create a Test Neighborhood, if you don't already have one. Move the Zeitstall Laboratories community lot to the Test Neighborhood.
  • By whatever means you deem appropriate, create a family of seven Sims who are all Teens, Adults, or Elders. Place them on a Residential Lot in the Test Neighborhood.
  • Load the Residential Lot. Use the cheats maxmotives and motivedecay off to prevent the sims from draining their Needs.
  • Use the motherlode cheat (or your favorite way of getting cash in an instant) to give the family about $100,000.
  • Use the cheat unlockCareerRewards cheat to unlock all the career rewards for one of the Sims. Place a Cowplant. Repeat five more times, for Six cowplants on the lot.
  • Let time run on high speed for 12 hours. The Cowplants will now put out their bait.
  • Feed six of the seven Sims to the Cowplants.
  • [Optional] Have the seventh Sim wait twelve more hours, so that the cowplants will immediately put out bait upon milking.
  • Put the fed cowplants in the Inventory of the Seventh Sim.
  • Use a phone or computer and the "Real Estate" option to buy the Zeitstall Laboratories lot, then go there, delete the old Cowplants, and replace them with the ones from inventory.
  • Sell the lot back to the community. You may now move it back to your play neighborhood.

Because I am crazy, Zeitstall Labs Requires all expansions through Seasons, as well as probably requiring Either of the Holiday Stuff Packs, Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, Celebration Stuff, and H&M Stuff packs.

Night View Ground Floor First Floor
Restaurant Bar Cowplant Stalls

This lot includes RGiles' "Clear Transparent Tile", a Custom Content Floor Tile.
Download Zeitstall Laboratories (zeitstall.zip, 3.6 MB)