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Links: Don't Go Away Mad...

Now leaving Notovny Domain. Keep all appendages inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop. Yeah, it was about time I got around to adding some of these. I'm sure it may grow as time goes on.

Official Site

The Sims 2 @ EA.com
The official site for TS2. Official information about the game, upcoming releases (though strangely, less info than is available on foreign sites,typically), Patches, and the Sims 2 BBS live here.

Other Sites

J.M. Pescado's hacktacular freesite site. Option to fix and modify the game can be found here in abundance.
DJS Sims
jFade's site. Fewer hacks, but still excellent stuff. Also Custom content and useful utility prorgams.
Mod the Sims 2
Yet another freesite, with a plethora of custom content items and hacks from a plethora of creators. Is nifty, ya?
A Sequence of Random Events
Mildlydisguised's Sims-related blog. Far more links than you'll find here, and general info and stuff. Also the first website to officially link here, if I'm not mistaken. Check it out.