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Miscellany: Indefinite Articles...

Crazy stuff I've written that doesn't really match up with one of the other categories will be found here.

Supply and Demand: The Factory Factor
One solution to the "Running out of Crafted Items on Owned Communitl Lots" problem. Why and how I build factories for my Sims
29 "Boolprops"
I've got this bizarre pet peeve about calling one particular cheat "boolprop", as it blithely ignores the fact that there are several dozen cheats that also start with "boolprop". Here are some of them.
The Dragon Legend
Learn the true, 100% factual translation of this Bon Voyage Vacation Momento
Tabled Issues Collection
One collection that includes everything official in the game that works as a table centerpiece in the game, and a short essay on why table centerpieces are essential.