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Machinima: Framing Narratives...

You know, I probably spelled that wrong. Multiple times. Ah well. Here, have some amateurish attempts at Sims 2 moviemaking. Since I'm lazy, I'll just use the same descriptions I used at Sims99.

Yes, there are shooting errors, plumbobs, and the like. Also they all predate Nightlife and its plumbobtoggle and showheadlines cheats.

You'll probably need to right-click and "Save As" to view these.

Cat's in the Cradle
November 2004, 10MB .wmv

Cat's in the Cradle was the first complete movie I'd ever made in The Sims 2, and with Windows movie maker. Being my first movie, there are quite a few 'Gameplay set to music' moments, most of which were deliberate.

It follows the Harry Chapin song pretty much to the letter.
Holding Out for a Hero
January 2005, 10MB .wmv

A music video of Bonnie Tyler's 1984 hit 'Holding Out for a Hero.' Action, adventure and henchmen.

You will believe a Sim can fly.

Killer Robots from Venus
February 2005, 10MB .wmv

It's a movie about tolerance, and family values. And Venusian Killer Robots.

My third movie with Windows Movie Maker, and one I've wanted to make ever since I found some Servo skins for the Sims 1.

Bink13y's Simdroid Skins worked much, much better. Get the skin here.

Spaghetti Western
March 2005, 4MB .wmv

Wikipedia defines 'Spaghetti Western' as '... a loose subgenre of Western film ..., so named because most of them were produced by Italian studios. Originally they had in common the Italian language, low budgets, and a recognizable violent, minimalist style....'

Well, One out of Three ain't bad. . Just a tiny nip at a genre I haven't seen much in Sim Movies, probably because of the lack of guns and horses.

The Statue Got Me High
June 2005, 10MB .wmv

No, it has nothing to do with drug abuse.

My fifth movie, and fourth music video, to the tune of They Might Be Giants' 'The Statue Got me High.'

It's about a man, and a woman, and and the four-foot piece of evil granite that came between them.