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Craft Factorial Pack:
Three Community Lot Crafted Item Factories

A discussion of the utility of factory lots can be found in the article "Supply and Demand: The Factory Factor."


The Craft Factorial Pack is a set of three community lot factorised designed to allow employees to produce toys, robots, or flower arrangements, respectively. By producing these items separate community lot, Sims can and reduce or eliminate the staffing and space required to produce them on the sales lot.


Hire up to 8 Employees to work in the lot, call them in and assign them jobs. All objects produced on the factory lot will wind up in the owner's inventory, so that he can sell them on a separate business lot also owned by him.

Since all Business, Rank, and Employee Information is preserved when a Community Lot is directly sold from one Playable Sim to another, the player only needs one Crafting Factory of each type in his neighborhood: By putting the deed on an accessible wall and marking it for sale before leaving the lot, another playable Sim can visit the lot and purchase it.

Because of a bug in the game, every time you call in employees, they will all attempt to go to the nearest craft station, and only the first one to get there will automatically resume his work. The others will need to be reassigned to other crafting stations by the player.

Each lot also includes a Chess Parlor, which can be used to make the lot break even, or obtain ludicrous amounts of money. A Gold-Sales-Badged Sim will be able to Dazzle Patrons past the ticket machine even if it's set at $9,999/hr.

Due to the snapdragons, it is not neccesary to give the customers access to the bathrooms.


The Craft Factorials require The Sims 2, and Open For Business. Several hacks may also be useful:

Business Runs You by J.M. Pescado at MATY
An allpurpose business-running hack. Requires several subordinate hacks to work properly, but these factories are designed to run indefinitely with its assistance
Crafting Station Routing Fix, by Paladin at Simwardrobe
Fixes the aforementioned routing error, so the player does not have to reassign most of the employees each time he visits the lot.
Fairly Paid Regulator, by Monique at Mod the Sims 2
This hacked Sign allows the player to automatically keep employees at the "Fairly Paid" rate. Useful if the player is training the employeees through crafting on-site.
Main Floor 2nd Floor Breakroom
Crafting Stations Chess Parlor

Download Craft Factorial Pack (craftpack.zip, 1.0 MB,3 factories ~$33,000 each)