Fishermon's Wharf

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Fishermon's Wharf: Indoor Fish Pond & Fish Factory Community Lot

You want to catch the very best
To feed your family.
At Fishermon's, it's no real test.
Just a small admittance fee.
Our fish are vat-grown natur'ly
And sedated with pride
You can hook them easily
And they'll never know they've died!

Fishermon! Here the fish'll be
at this owned subsidiary
of Faustian Biotech, LTD.
Fishermon! Gotta Hook 'Em All!

Fishermon's Wharf is an indoor Fishing Pond. It's primarly designed as an owned Business, to be run by a Sim who wishes to sell fish at another neighborhood lot. To this end, it is designed as a Venue Business where customers can be charged by the hour for their fishing needs. Fisherman's Wharf also has a weathermachine, to allow season-shifting that may hopefully unfreeze th e water during winter.

In an unmodified game, all fish caught by Customers will wind up in the Owner's Inventory, and all fish caught by the Owner's Employees (or the owner's family members) will wind up in their own inventories.

If you consider this to be backward and uncouth, I would reccommend J.M. Pescado's Fishing and Harvesting Fix, which lets Customers keep their own fish (it's not like it's costing you anything), and puts the fish of Employees and Household Members into the owner's inventory.

Note that there is no "Assign: Be Fisherman" interaction in the game by default. One option to obtain one would be to use J.M. Pescado's Business Controller to provide one. The Business controller reworks Maxian logic to provide far more efficiently-run businesses without magic refreshing or altering interaction effects, and if you're familiar with it, you may note that the lot was designed with it in mind.

Because I am crazy, Zeitstall Labs Requires all expansions through Seasons, as well as probably requiring Either of the Holiday Stuff Packs, Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, Celebration Stuff, and H&M Stuff packs.

And yes, that stupid parody song is the sole reason for the name.

Night View Ground Floor Top View
Lobby Fishpond Breakroom

This lot includes RGiles' "Clear Transparent Tile", a Custom Content Floor Tile.
Download Fishermon's Wharf (fishermon.zip, 1.0 MB)