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Ninja Burger: Ownable Restaurant and Take-Out Shop

Out of the night, swift and silent strikes the Ninja Burger! Fear the terrible art of Cheesejutsu, and feel the sting of the dreaded Bun-chucks! Doused with the Secret Sauce of Sandoicchi, the Ninja Burger guarantees that this meal will be the best...or your last.


Ninja Burger is a conversion of Chili Witch! from a Chili-Oriented Fast Food Owned Community Lot into a Ninja-themed Burger-Oriented Fast Food Owned Community lot. Designed to be run as an owned community lot with burger platters for sale, it features about ten tables, a small kitchen/sales area, two bathrooms and a small employee break room.


In my neighborhood, Ninja Burger is run with the Owner as the Host and Cashier, and the rest of the positions are filled with employees. One Salesperson, one Chef, two Servers, and Janitor. The lot sells Burger Platters to make ends meet, and to minimize logjamming, and maximize the number of Sims who will use the restaurant portion, I recommend only setting two of the burger platters for sale.

Lot Text


Ninja Burger requires The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, and Free Time. Glamour Life Stuff is also required, if all objects and wallpapers are to be displayed.

Several hacks may also be useful:

Business Runs You by J.M. Pescado at MATY
An allpurpose business-running hack. Requires several subordinate hacks to work properly, but restaurants run far, far more smoothly with its assistance
No Auto Reassigning Workers by J.M. Pescado at MATY
A lot of the fun of running a community-lot restaurant comes from being able to use it as a destination for dates and outings. A lot of this is spoiled by the game's normal behavior of having the Owner automnatically reassign the employees without regard for ability, or what you told them to do. This hack disables the automatic reassignment, so that the employees keep doing what you told them to do when a neighbor's visiting the lot.
Fairly Paid Regulator, by Monique at Mod the Sims 2
This hacked Sign allows the player to automatically keep employees at the "Fairly Paid" rate.


Night View Main Floor Breakroom
Dining Room Left Kitchen Dining Room Right


  This is a two-minute video of Ninja Burger, the way it operates in my neighborhood. To achieve this, in addition to the hacks that are listed higher on the page, I took the owner on a Far East vacation, and he learned to teleport from the Ninja. I then employed Mike_1102's Teleport-Learning Hack, made the employees Selectable, and had them learn to Teleport from the owner. Finally, I readjusted the Lazy/Active Personality of the employees to 4, so that Business Runs You would make them teleport long distances.
   A high-res version can be found here: ninjaburger.wmv (13MB)

Download Ninja Burger (ninjaburger.zip, 1.0 MB)