Orthagonal Lanes

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Orthagonal Lanes: Bowling Alley Venue Business

Hot Cross Bowling is the name of the game at Orthagonal Lanes. Four Lanes, a buffet table , and a coffee bar complete the ensemble. If you've got a spare minute, strike out to Orthagonal Lanes. You'll never want to split.

Orthagonal Lanes is a four-lane bowling alley designed to be run as a n owned Community-lot Business. Patrons may bowl, eat from the buffet, dance to the stereo, drink coffee or (if player-controlled) take pictures in the photo booth. Note, however, that the food on the buffet table will eventually spoil

If the lot is intended to be run unowned, I reccommend removing the employee breakroom, and the employee access to the bathrooms. Reccommended uniform is thee Bowling Outfits.

Because I am crazy, Orthagonal Lanes Requires all expansions through Seasons, as well as probably requiring Family Fun Stuff and Glamour Life Stuff packs.

Night View Main Floor Breakroom
Left Lanes Right

This lot includes RGiles' "Clear Transparent Tile", a Custom Content Floor Tile.
Download Orthagonal Lanes (orthagonal.zip, 0.7 MB)