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Rooster Gold's Chicken: Owned Restaurant

In the distant future, Earth is a desolate place, devoid of freedom, justice, and Tasty Fried Chicken. One man knew that he couldn't do anything about the first two, but realized that with the help of his trusty time machine, he could travel back to our era, and change the future so that crispy fried chicken would be available to all! That man was Rooster Gold.

Later, he figured out that he could do something about the justice and freedom with his time machine, but by that time he was filthy rich, and didn't care.


Rooster Gold's Chicken is a restaurant lot, intended to be run as an owned lot in your neighborhood. To make ends meet, provisions are supplied to sell prepared turkeys on the lot, as well.


Place in the neighborhood. Purchase and run. This lot is intended to be run as an owned community lot. I suggest only putting two of the turkeys on sale, so as to keep a reasonable number of patrons still interested in the restaurant side

In my neighborhood, I run it with the owner at the Podium, and her husband as one of the Servers. There are two other Servers, and a Cook, and a Manager/Salesperson. I recommend using Food Factorial to produce the turkeys offsite. As a result, for me, the lot makes a profit of about $3,000 per session, primarily due to the turkey sales. Your mileage may vary.

If you wish to run it as an unowned lot, I reccomend removing the Janitor Access Doors from the bathrooms, and getting rid of the employee breakroom.


Because I am crazy, Rooster Gold's Chicken Requires TS2, UNI, NL, OFB, PETS, SZNS, BV, as well as probably requiring Family Fun Stuff and Glamour Life Stuff packs.

Useful Hacks

Business Runs You by J.M. Pescado at MATY
An allpurpose business-running hack. Requires several subordinate hacks to work properly, but these factories are designed to run indefinitely with its assistance
Fairly Paid Regulator, by Monique at Mod the Sims 2
This hacked Sign allows the player to automatically keep employees at the "Fairly Paid" rate. Useful if the player is training the employeees through crafting on-site.


Night View Main Floor Kitchen/Podium
Dining Room Bathroom Breakroom
Occupied Dining Working Kitchen


Contains "The Big Chicken by Big Yard Dudes" EA/Maxis Statue Object
Download Rooster Gold's Chicken (roostergold.zip, 2.7 MB), roughly $45,000