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Gableweiss: 2x3 Residential, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

Gableweiss is a four-bedroom, three bathroom house with driveway. based on the Maxis lot "Just Right-2BR 1BA." The house is extended to two floors, adds a driveway and Filthy Monster barrier, and compartmentalizes the upstairs and the kitchen. The Master bedroom is large enough for a double bed, and the other three bedrooms are sized to accomodate single beds only.

It's provided in two versions, a Furnished Variant, and an Unfurnished variant.

The Furnished version has a downstairs single-bed guest room, allowing overnight guests to sleep without violating the sanctity of the Upstairs. One of the uses one of the upstairs bedrooms as a general storage room.

Because I am crazy, Gableweiss Requires all expansions through Bon Voyage as well as requiring Family Fun Stuff,Glamour Life Stuff, and Celebration Stuff.

Night View Ground Floor First Floor
Living Room Kitchen Guest Room

Download Furnished Gableweiss, $61,453 (gableweiss-furn.zip, 1.0 MB)

Download Unfurnished Gableweiss, $37,997 (gableweiss-unfurn.zip, 1.0 MB)