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Chili Witch! Diner & Take-Out
Owned Community Lot Restaurant

For more than forty years, Chili Witch! has striven to produce the rich, delicious taste of homemade chili in the way that only a faceless multinational corporation can. So when you're suffering under a hunger hex, there's just one question and just one answer:

"Which Chili? Chili Witch!"

Now with recognizeable meatstuffs!


A couple years ago, when University was the only expansion available, I made a restaurant of sorts on a community lot created from the tiny 2x2 lot in Pleasantview. That was the original Chili Witch! lot featured on my Sim Page. Expansions came and went, and Nightlife broke the lot. But when Open For Business came around, I tried to turn it into a business. And Failed. And tried again. And Failed again.

So I stepped back, rethought, and built a larger restaurant on a smaller lot. And it worked, for me, at least. This Chili Witch! was the result.

Chili Witch! is a community lot designed to be an owned Restaurant and very small prepared food store. It includes a small kitchen, roughly ten tables (including one that can seat up to five Sims), a small employee break room, and bathrooms with showers.


Buy the lot. Hire or provide a Host, a Chef, sufficient Servers, and a cashier. In my own neighborhood, the lot is run by the Owner (Host/Restocker/Intermittent Server) and her Husband (Cashier/Intermittent Server) and an employed Chef, Salesperson, Cashier (sometimes), Two Servers, and a Salesperson.

The lot is primarily supported by the sales of Take-Away Chili Bowls. I would reccommend only setting two of the Serving Bowls for sale, to reduce logjams. While the lot does have the on-board facilities to produce Chili on site, in my own neigborhood, The owner uses Food Factorial to supply ample amounts of prepared Chili, which are sold-on lot.


Chili Witch! Requires The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Pets, Seasons, and Bon Voyage. Several hacks may also be useful:

Business Runs You by J.M. Pescado at MATY
An all-purpose business-running hack. Requires several subordinate hacks to work properly, but is well worth it. Learn to use it, and owned businesses will run an order of magnitude better than you believed possible.
No Auto Reassigning Workers, by J.M. Pescado
Makes it so that the Owner and/or any Managers won't reassign workers when you're playing a neighbor visiting the lot. I consider this absolutely vital if you're ever planning to use an owned restaurant as a Date or Outing destination.
Fairly Paid Regulator, by Monique at Mod the Sims 2
This hacked Sign allows the player to automatically keep employees at the "Fairly Paid" rate. Useful a employed Cooks and Servers will gain Cooking and Body Skills on the job, and you won't get notification about it.
Night View Main Floor Kitchen
Dining Room Left The Chili Witch Dining Room Right

This lot contains the EA/Maxis Object "Jack O' Hattern Luminous Lawn Ornament".
Download Chili Witch! Dine-in & Take-Out (chiliwitch.zip, 2.0 MB, $33,709 to buy)